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Natasha Romanov. Not much to say other than that I can kick your ass faster than you can pronounce my last name. I work for S.H.I.E.L.D now.

((independent rp. i'll rp with anyone from any fandom, just say when. no worries, i don't bite too hard.))

((A VERY BIG SORRY TO EVERYONE  WHO REPLIED TO ME school started and i’ve been busy with ap english and chem to notice I am SO SO SO SOSORRY))


“…I missed you, Natalia. Я никогда не ожидал увидеть вас снова.”

"I’ve missed you too. I loved you too much to let you go, but we really had no choice. Я все еще люблю тебя."


“Well…is it to late to be a family? I don’t know…is that something we could even have? No one’s really at fault here, there’s plenty to be built, but nothing to be fixed…I guess we’ll figure it out together, won’t we?” he smirked.

"It’s never too late for anything. We’ll figure this mess out the best way we can. And together."

what is the worth of a man

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"Hi there,"


Sam laughed nervously, not sure what to say. “Um… so what is someone like dong in a place like this then?:

Natasha shrugged. “Not sure, actually.”

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"Hello, who might you be?"


Well, he laughed afterwards. And I remember it is very hard to make him laugh. So it wasn’t a waste. 

It’s always good to make someone laugh.

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“Yes. Though i doubt that you have seen allot of us” she nodded. “pleasure Miss Romanov”

"So do you travel in time as well?" she asked.